Our Mission

Nuts Over Chameleons was established with family in mind. Out of an extreme love and passion for the propagation and wellbeing of exotic chameleons, derived Nuts Over Chameleons (a family owned and operated business), situated at the base of the majestic Mount Shasta in Siskiyou County, Northern California. We here at Nuts Over Chameleons, meticulously select only the most beautiful and heathy exotic chameleons with which to work with (please see Our Species List for a concise list and description of the chameleons which we are currently breeding). Through education, research, and practice, we breed for health, character and beauty. In addition to providing beautiful healthy specimens (of which we ship throughout the United States), we pride ourselves in being available to our customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week for questions, concerns, and education related to these exotic pets.

Our Bloodlines

Many of our chameleons have arrived to us as Wild Caught from the Islands of Madagascar. We have found extreme benefit in working with Wild Caughts as they bring new and varied genes into the already established bloodlines here within the United States (we do not practice inbreeding/line breeding), further, producing healthier chameleons. Some of our breeders have arrived to us through collaborative efforts and breeding projects with other reputable breeders. A smaller percentage of our breeders have been selected from other reputable breeders within the United States, all with clean lineal records. When considering one of our chameleons, you will be provided with the lineage along with available pictures from the specific bloodline.

Our Chameleons

Character is of high importance among our breeders. Nuts Over Chameleons is known for producing some of the friendliest chameleons on the market today! Prior to leaving our nursery, our chameleons are handled on a daily basis to reduce stress with handling in their new environment - your home. In addition, all of our chameleons are handfed by us prior to leaving the nursery.