-Our Panther Species List-

Panther Chameleon Locale: Ambilobe

Likely one of the most popular of the Panther Chameleon Species (with good reason) and often the chameleon that comes to mind when visualizing this species, is the Ambilobe locale. The males are commonly identified by their vibrant red or blue bars and boasting an array of colors throughout, including: reds, oranges, yellows and greens.

Panther Chameleon Locale: Ambanja

An absolutely stunning locale is the Ambanja which originates in the Northwestern reaches of Madagascar. The males in this locale are mostly identified by their blue/blue- green coloration, red or blue barring and pinwheel red striations on the eyes.

Panther Chameleon Locale: Nosy Be

Now who isn't fond of the cyanotic appeal to this locale? The Nosy Be males boast some of the most incredible shades of blues and teals ever visualized on a lizard. Originating off the coast of Northwest Madagascar, the Nosy Be are absolutely stunning with their shades of green and blue, with often a light touch of reds and yellows.

Panther Chameleon Locale: Nosy Faly

Also off the Northwest Coast of Madagascar comes the Nosy Faly. The magnificence of this locale is surely underestimated. Again boasting some of the most magnificient blues and greens, often with crisp white between the bars, yellow lips and red rain (speckles throughout).

Panther Chameleon Locale: Hybrid Ambilobe X Nosy Be (By Popular Demand)

Extreme genetic variation! The cross between the Ambilobe and Nosy Be may be difficult for some to idenify. These guys often boast the most vibrant blues and reds of all the panthers and are not shy to display the variation found in the Ambilobe.